Passing Complexion
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This is what I did at 18 with two shitty microphones and audacity. I wrote this song when I was 15 and thought it was hilarious and did a recording of it then with my little sister doing handclaps for me because I was bored and lived in belmont. From memory I think I was grounded for a school term for losing my trumpet (which then turned up next to my locker). Stupid white boy. 



My beloved Nishi-Kawaguchi, in rain.


This is the first place I stayed with an amazing girl in Japan. Nishi-Kawaguchi was awesome and all Nae’s photos make me wanna work more and uni less. Because if anyone deserves the best, it’s this idiot and Japan not on a budget would be dooooope. (imagine, high class okonomyaki every night). I actually complained to a mate (sneaika) about shoutouts or whatevez and that they were stupid but look a white males going back on his word, whowoodathunkit. onyanae, yourethebest. okonamyaki, you’re pretty close


Brian Jonestown Massacre - Telegram


it’s a beautiful day outside, the sky is blue and there are no clouds from what I can see from my corner of my room next to a barley eaten bowl of mi gorang i made before i passed out. my curtains just fell down and now matiland rd and beaumont st will see the beauty that is my half naked body trying to put the curtains back up because i am too hungover for this sunlight, i guess thats what happens if you get bored and start drinking at 2

To have read that book means that you’ve been exposed to a certain philosophy, and odds are you agree with some of it. It spells out an ethos inherited from those eighties underground indie bands—opting out of the corporate machinery, keeping money inside the community, thinking for yourself, doing it yourself. You can apply those ideas to lots of things besides music—that’s why the book is called Our Band Could Be Your Life.
Rocketship - I Love You the Way I Used to Do
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I Love You the Way I Used to Do | Rocketship

I started watching the latest true blood season and expected twists and turns and total trash but all I got was shudders from how stupid that whole premise is. I guess this is growing up :’(